Goodness of Water, Aqua, H20

Hello readers,

Water. We often take water for granted as we fill our glass from the tap or take a refreshing shower. However, water really is precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted as many people live in regions where there is no clean water or hydration systems. Our bodies desire and are in thirst of water for survival. The average person doesn’t drink even the recommended eight 8oz of water each day. And those that drink soda all day that doesn’t count for water, instead it hurts your body with sugars and fats. Perhaps I’m one of the few, but sometimes I fear I drink too much water.

I keep track of my water intake on a cell app. (Hold on, let me take a gulp.) Yes, there truly is an app for everything. I’m proud to state that I’ve kept track of my water intake for about two years. I tell people about my app and they nod or look puzzled, since they have no care or reason to track their water. I think it’s fun to log every time I finish a glass or water bottle. I almost try to out drink myself each day. How can you not like the app with cute icons and graphs? Of course, the only downside to water intake is constantly using the bathroom. It’s a small price to pay for a hydrated body.

Water is much more than just a drink with a meal. I’ve collected some health benefits about the goodness of water.

– Water helps weight loss. Drink a glass before meals. When you feel thirsty we often mistake it for hunger.
– Water keeps things moving with digestion.
– It helps fight fatigue during long workouts.
– Water may protect against some types of cancer.
– Drinking water can improve your mood, because it makes us feel refreshed.
– Water may naturally prevent headaches.
– It energizes us. When we feel tired the first sign is often dehydration.
– It may help us stay alert.
– Water protects our joints and cartilage that they stay lubricated.
– Water helps before, during, and after workouts.
– Our body needs extra water in hot and cold weather.
– A warm bath or shower may help calm us and soothe before bed.
– It takes the edge off of hangovers.
– Water helps us think more clearly.
– It cleans non-toxically while cleaning our home, dishes, body, and clothes. Water is the basic ingredient in natural cleaning products.
– Eating water hydrates us through water rich fruits and vegetables.
– Working out in water is good aerobic fitness. It offers cardio without the impact.
– Water balances our fluids, since 60% of the body is made of water.
– Water sounds are very soothing. (Think falling rain or babbling brooks.)
– Frozen water helps provide pain and swelling relief for injuries.
– Water has been linked to heart health.

Water sure has many good elements to make our bodies run smoothly. Develop habits to increase your water intake.

– Drink a glass before bed. (May want to skip if you already wake up in the middle of the night.)
– Keep a glass near your bed and drink when you wake up.
– Drink a glass before every meal. It helps make you feel fuller before you eat.
– Drink water before, during, and after a workout.
– Find a water bottle/glass that you absolutely love. You’re more bound to drink from it if you like the item.
– Add fruits, vegetables, and herbs to ‘spice’ up your water. (I love cucumber water.)
– Keep track of your water intake with an app, graph, or other method.
– Put marks on your water bottle for times to take a slurp.
– Challenge a friend to drink water. (Don’t guzzle down gallons at a time.)
– Keep fresh water available throughout your house and car. (You should always have a water back up for emergencies.)
– Drink water when eating out. (You’ll also save money.)

Remember that alcohol, soda, and sugar juices do more harm than good. Water is a goodness that our bodies need every day! So, fill up that glass or bottle and toast to a healthy body!

Keep hydrated my friend,



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