Meet My New Friend – Fitbit

I have a new friend I’ve had since last March. My day doesn’t begin without my dear little friend. This friend motivates me to push myself and be the best Caroline that I can be. I even recieve little messages during the day from my dear friend: ‘You rock Caroline, Keep it up, High Five, Howdy Caroline’. At the end of each day my friend provides smiles and thumbs ups. Of course I’m not desrcibing an actual friend, but my little fitbit. I love my fitbit. Before I owned my fitbit, I wore a pedameter to achieve my daily steps. Well, a few died from being in the laundry and not taken out of pockets. I also got frustrated when it didn’t record correctly or suddenly stopped working, so I decided to buy a fancy pedameter with extra ‘perks’ besides just steps. I decided upon my fitbit, more exact a fitbit one.

My fitbit one attaches to my pocket or bra. The wrist styles bothered me. I’ve now gotten into the habit to double check that my fitbit isn’t in my pocket before during the laundry. That would be terrible to accidently kill a new friend. My fitbit one keeps track of my steps, distance, elevation, and calories burned. My friend’s work doesn’t stop at the end of the day, because I wear it to bed. It tracks how well you sleep and whether you’ve woken up during the night. Oh, and I’ve finally figured out how to use the alarm feature. It silently beeps and vibrates without waking anyone. Simply push the fitbit and the alarm turns off. It’s so much better than a loud radio or annoying beeping sound. My fitbit is simply saying, ‘Good morning Caroline, it’s time to start your day’. It’s such a pleasant way to wake up.

My fitbit One doesn’t have features, such as blood pressure or notifing who’s calling. I still highly enjoy it. I strive for about 15,000 steps dailly, but my bare minimum is 10,000 steps. My greatest feat was 25,000 steps in one day! I know I’ll beat even that record someday. During the day I glance at my little fitbit to see my daily status. There are two feelings after I’ve looked at the stats: joy or guilt. If I’m on target for the day and making good progress I give myself a pat on the back and happy dance, but if my target is way off I feel guilty that I haven’t moved enough. I then start thinking, ‘I have to take a walk. I have to move more to get enough steps. Get your ass moving Caroline!’ Have I ended a day with less than 10,000 steps? Yes, I have and a feel terrible but I try to remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.

Another great feature of my fitbit is that it connects to your computer and keeps track of your hard work. You can track food and water intake, weight, and sleep. I won’t lie, but I the fancy graphs, badges, thumbs up, and happy faces keep me motivated to move more, sleep better, and eat healthy. I guarantee that I’ve moved more, since I started wearing my fitbit. It keeps me accoountable for my actions each day to make it better than the day before. Sure I could just mentally state that I’ve exercised an hour and that should be enough, but is it truly ‘enough’? I take the extra stairs, park further away in the parking lot, walk instead of drive, play outside with the dog, and even ‘forgetting’ something downstairs to make myself go back down again. The point is that I know how my day is going and I’m not stopping! High five Caroline! Keep up the great work! I highly suggest some type of pedometer even if it’s a simple 10$ version. Just get out there and move!

Keep moving my friend!



P.S. If you currently own a fitbit, I’d love to be your fitbit friend! Drop me a comment and we can ‘sync’ to become friends.