Goodness to Share

Dear lovely reader,

Welcome! I’m excited to begin my new blog adventure with you. I had a previous blog for four years, but I think my life focus has changed about what I’d like to share with you. These past months I’ve strived to ‘better’ myself as a person. What exactly does it mean to ‘better’ yourself? We all desire to look and feel our best while presenting ourselves to the world. I plan to share elements that make me happy, which perhaps make you happy. So hopefully I make myself smile, guffaw, ponder, and imagine new possibilities while I share my life with you.

What may you find on this blog? I’m going to share numerous elements that make me smile. You may find recipes, personal photos, quotations, book reviews, life ‘ah ha’ moments, life adventures, and my personal writing. It may be a hodgepodge, but everything I share hopefully connects to feeling happy or how to become happy.

Who I am? Well, that’s a big question in a short sentence. I’ll give you a brief description of myself. I’m a thirty-something woman living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m currently molding young minds as an elementary school teacher. I’m neither married or have children, however I’m surrounded by children so I can provide wisdom from my teaching experience. My passions include reading, dancing, cooking new recipes, enjoying a walk, exploring my city and region, taking photos, and trying to make the best out of situations. Of course I have ‘flaws’ that may not always be flaws. I’m prone to worry and stress about little things, so perhaps as I share life elements that will lessen. I sometimes make myself guilty if I haven’t reached my goals for the day. I try and remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. Yes, tomorrow is always a new day.

So, welcome dear reader! May you become a fellow friend upon my life journey. That does sound a tad cheesy. Okay, perhaps not a dear friend but hopefully someone who enjoys reading random goodness to make your happy.